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Our Approach

At Silver Litchi Project Management, we focus on delivering expected results. Focusing on action alone does not equal results. Adopting a holistic approach, we want to understand what success looks like for your organization and provide best services and solutions that drive the end result. While we leverage on proven methodologies and models, we understand you deserve and expect more than a tailored solution. We not only consider your products, people, processes, and technology, but tailor our approach for each engagement to your specific culture, structure and strategy to achieve and sustain the desired outcomes.

Do you have a clear understanding of your business operation? Business analysis provides the detail for you to make the necessary business or project decision.

Business Analysis:

The absence of skilled business analysis resources in projects results in the following hindrance to the organisation:

  • Lack of analytical frameworks as well as sufficient skill sets to understand the business needs and turn them into improvement projects.
  • With a high BA turnover
  • Lack of thought leadership and collaboration between the different BAs within an organization as well as between BAs and the other stakeholders
  • Lack of understanding and usage of the appropriate BA methods and tools and industry best practices

Our skilled Business Analyst can assist you to by conducting the analysis for your projects, contributing to the success of your projects.

Having staff with Project Management skills is key for successful project delivery.

Human Capital Development:

Human capital Development works to improve staff project managements skills through coaching and mentoring interventions.

It is seen as a win- win for both employers and employees, as both parties’ benefit:

  • Enhancing employee skills adds value to the organisation
  • It is a constructive way to retain employees within the organisation
  • It helps employees keep up with the necessary skills
  • The organisation benefits by having skilled staff to increase productivity
We recognize that every organization looks, behaves and performs differently, and we tailor our project management approach accordingly.

Project Management Consulting

Project Management is one of our core services. Our project management leaders have many years of experience as Project Management Institute (PMI) certified practitioners and as real-life project managers, we will help you achieve success.

Our consultants can parachute in at any phase of the project life cycle, roll up their sleeves, and get right to it. They have successfully managed projects of varying magnitudes – everything from large-scale, enterprise-wide projects to small project teams deploying front-line initiatives. Whether rescuing a project that is off course or developing methodologies to enable future project success, we have the expertise and the track record to get you there. 

We understand that a project is there to ultimately provide value for your organization, therefore, we apply a holistic approach. While a project must be tightly executed to be on time and on budget, we work with your project team to also uncover the overall organizational value of the project, and then weave that into our entire PM approach to ensure the right decisions are made regarding project investments, expectations, and leadership support.

Is your PMO adding value to your organisation or creating more bureaucracy? The leaner and more efficient your PMO is, the more satisfied business stakeholders will be.

Project Management Office (PMO)

A PMO is considered optimal when:
  • There is flexible Project Management (PM) methodology i.e., Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid
  • Appropriate PM software and tools to enhance project monitor and control, and reporting
  • Project Audits are successful
  • Standardised PM related governance
  • Resources are seen to be effectively management

Business stakeholders tend to push back when they don’t see the benefit of the PMO. Our PMO consultants are familiar in managing these dynamics in the organisation

They will work with you to implement your new PMO or optimise your existing PMO.

Has your project gone off-track in one way or another? The earlier you get help the better.

Project Rescue

A project is considered off-track when it becomes apparent that it might not be delivered as promised:
  • Over budget,
  • Of inferior quality or scope,
  • Or behind schedule.

Most teams struggle with getting back on track because they have a certain vision of the project.
There is the fear that heads might start rolling, which usually cause people to leave, or they begin to withhold information.

Our project rescue experts have the skills and experience with these situations. An analysis of the project will be conducted, and a proposal will be provided to turn the project around. We will support and lead your project, until it is successfully delivered.

Let us help you!

We assist our clients with the following services:

  • Project / Programme / Portfolio Management
  • Project Governance
  • Project Framework and Methodologies
  • Reporting and Dashboard
  • Project Tools
  • Project Documents and Templates
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Project Risks and Issues
  • Alignment of project to Strategy and Benefit Management
  • Change Management
  • Project Audits