Our Clients include:

  • “Iqbal worked at Sasfin as a Programme Manager for almost 3 years. During this time Iqbal ran multiple projects within the Group. The most notable is the Calypso LoB System implementation programme for the Trading and Treasury business. Iqbal is a seasoned and experienced programme manager that can adapt to any environment and project manage according to the required project methodology (waterfall, agile etc.) Iqbal’s cool and calm demeanour is a valuable characteristic, especially in stressful projects and his ability to direct a team has always impressed me. The best attributes I value in an employee is a great attitude and staying power and Iqbal certainly has both. Looking forward to working with him again in the future.”

    Marlana Möller
    Senior Portfolio Manager - Build the Bank (Transformational Initiatives) at Sasfin
  • “I had the pleasure of working under the guidance of Iqbal Sheik as a Project Coordinator during my tenure at Sasfin Bank, Iqbal provided me with coaching and mentor-ship when we collaborated on delivering multiple projects. Iqbal’s ability to juggle multiple projects is unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team, He has the ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas. Iqbal Sheik would definitely be an asset to any team.”

    Mpumi Stuurman
    Business Analyst
  • “Iqbal was my Programme and Project Manager during my tenure at Nedbank. He is very professional and has excellent knowledge regarding the project management discipline. He always shared his knowledge with the team and was always available to assist. He created a wonderful environment for the project teams to succeed.”

    Dr Claud Burgers (PhD)
    Executive: Programme Management at Blue Label Telecoms
  • “Iqbal is an exceptional independent contractor who assisted Sasfin’s Project Management team with the Forex SAMOS project. Iqbal’s expertise was relied on after the project previously failed. His collaborative approach and project experience resulted in him successfully delivering the Forex SAMOS project, which addressed the audit and compliance issues for the Forex business. The Reconciliation project was assigned and entrusted to Iqbal shortly after Sasfin experienced Iqbal’s creditability and ability to manage a challenging project. The project goal was to ensure the Corona Reconciliation module allowed for SWIFT MT300 message matching between counter parties. Yet another project exceptionally launched. Iqbal is a rich source of both Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies backed with years of experience. He was able to design a Hybrid Project Process (Agile and Waterfall) which now serves as a Sasfin Internal Audit approved Standard. Two of Sasfin’s Project Team members greatly benefited from his natural ability to unlock and motivate people’s maximum performance and could rely on him as a Mentor and Coach. Lastly, Iqbal was assigned to the Treasury Consolidation project with the purpose of rolling out Calypso to Sasfin’s Forex and Treasury business units. He encountered a number of unexpected hurdles which he effectively managed and overcame. Iqbal has the X-factor that differentiates him from other project managers, being the dedicated, self-motivated, methodical and capable individual Sasfin could benefit from. He is a true professional who leads by example and added great value to my team and the Sasfin Business.”

    Andrew (Josh) Souchon
    CDCO at Sasfin Bank Ltd
  • “Iqbal is an amazing gentleman and excellent Delivery and Project manager. Before he became the Delivery manager for the Project team he was an excellent project manager. Even though he was situated in Durban he managed all projects (including the ones in Johannesburg) effectively. In his role as the Delivery manager for the project team he has once again proved his worth. Even though his team had capacity constraints he motivated and mentored his team to go the extra mile and deliver all projects successfully. He communicates well always keeping our business and people working on his projects in the loop. It is not very often that one comes across an individual of such a high calibre. His work ethic makes him an asset to any company he works for. He is self-directed and performs a high quality work. He has initiative and has a positive attitude. He is always polite and professional and even though he is very busy he is always willing to assist. He is a team player and a fantastic role model. He is a pleasure to work with and is a great asset to have on any team.”

    Allyson Greenberg
    Senior Data Engineer Manager at Nedbank
  • “Iqbal is a respected Project manager that took on the challenges and tasks assigned to him with enthusiasm and vigour. He was able to successfully deliver various projects and was often seen as a pillar in the team. Also during his career at Nedbank, he was asked to manage the entire project office of the Nedbank Personal Loans IT team. He performed this role effectively too by helping to coach and guide the different team members.”

    Kemmy C
    Business Owner
  • Iqbal is a skilled PM and works well in teams. He is a great gut to have in a team and has a pragmatic approach to business”

    Dennis Laxton
    Senior Lecturer at Regenesys Business School
  • “Iqbal is a very experienced and knowledgable programme manager.He has many years of expericne in the project programme field. He is very thorough and manages his teams very well. He always maiantains and extends his knowlegde in the project /programme field and shares knowlege to those that need the support and encouragement”

    Hema Raghunath
    Programme Manager at MTN IS- CIO Office- Oracle RODOD Billing and CRM Implementation
  • “Iqbal is an exemplary project manager, team leader and motivator, he is highly skilled and is an asset to any organization. Iqbal always maintains high work standards and work ethics. He is always willing to go out of his way to assist in any way he can and is a true leader. Iqbal has a wealth of knowledge, leadership abilities, organization skills, positive attitude and is a gentleman at all times; it is a pleasure and privilege to work for him and with him and he always brings out the best in people driving them to always improve, learn and be the best they can.”

    Lynn Coetzee
    Agile Scrum Master / Project Manager at Nedbank